Anonymous asked:
Do you have a tumblr crush? :D

my very first and closest friends on tumblr. they’re pretty:

theheartplace - inspirational

dearprongs - HP, inspirational, cute actors

art/doodle blogs that I adore:

hj-story - my all-time favorite chief

binsbilyas - he likes superheroes too

zeekayart - her doodles are interesting because of her personality

myrollingstar - she was able to publish her own art book ‘cause she’s awesome

filipino bloggers (mainly for their text posts):





*tumblr crush based on the awesomeness of the blogs and not on some kind of strong feeling of romantic love/infatuation. if you meant the latter, I would need to publish another list HAHAHA

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Posted on May 22, 2011

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  1. zeekayart said: wow, thank-you so much XD!
  2. binsbilyas said: Haha, sobrang saya ko po sir :D
  3. sweetsoulreview said: I’m so jealous. :s
  4. roiserrano said: Salamat JE! *brofist

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